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 1.      Function
The anti-freeze valve prevents ice build-up in pipe , avoiding possible damage to water storages and pipes in hydraulic, solar and irrigation systems. When below 8℃ water tempraturer operating is reached, it automatically opens so that a minimum quantity of water may flow toward the drain, enabling a small continuous inflow of water; this prevents water from freezing inside the pipe. When the water temperature increases to above 8℃ or in the event of contact with warmer water, the opposite action occurs, causing the device to shut off .
Body: Brass
Max. working pressure: 10 bar
Ambient temperature range: -30–90°C
Opening temperature: 4°C
Closing temperature: 8°C
Accuracy: ±2°C
Connections: 3/4" , one inlet – male thread , one outlet – male thread
  Net weight: 0.14 KGS
  Gross weight: 0.15 KGS
4.Operating principle
A thermostatic sensor sensing the water temprature to control the valves closing or opening .When the water temperature below 8℃. This causes the sensor to move and open a tiny passage so that water can drain out, this prevents water from freezing inside the pipe. When the temperature below 4 ℃,the valve opened completely. The water will be flow out from the solar panel . When the temperature above 8℃, the valve will be closed.
Before installing the device, make sure that the system has been flushed and cleaned to remove any traces of dirt that may have accumulated during installation. The antifreeze valve outlet port must vertical to ground, so as to permit a free and unrestricted downward flow of the water as it drains out. The device must be installed in the points of the circuit at risk of freezing so that the water may flow freely and in order to prevent pipes, storages or components located upstream of the device from freezing. Pipes downstream of the device must be protected from frost if, due to the intervention of the device, the water contained in them remains stagnant without flowing. In the case of exposed outdoor pipes, the installation of a suitable heating cable will provide effective protection.
6.Package size :
1.      small carton (mm) : 150*87*52 ,   7 pieces antifreeze valves in one small carton .
2.      big carton (mm) : 310*245*130 ,   70 pieces antifreeze valves in one big carton .
7.Trade Term :     
1.      Country of origin : Shenyang of China
2.      Date of delivery : spot or production time 5-45 days .
3.      Production capacity : 3000 pieces every month .
4.      Port of shipment : the nearest sea port is DALIAN , the nearest air port is SHENYANG .
5.      Payment term : spot goods :100%TT , customized products : 30% in advance before production , 70% balance before delivery all the goods .
6.      MOQ : 200 pieces
7.      Warranty : free warranty in 3 years .

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