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DN40 thermostatic mixing valve

1.Technical Data
Model:DN40  Port size:G1-1/2”
a. Working pressure:0.03-1Mpa
b. Ideal working pressure:0.1-0.5Mpa
c. Maximum working temperature:≤99 ℃
d. Flow rate(1 bar pressure drop): 133.3 L/min

Knob Temperature :

2. Materials of Construction
a. Valve body : Brass plated nickel
b. Shutter : PPO
c. Spring : Stainless steel
d. Connection : Inlets-Male thread, Outlet-Male thread
3. Features:
a. Fail-safe on Hot or Cold Supply Failure
b. Delivers Stable Mixed Water Temperature
c. Extended Mix Temperature Range : 35-45 C
d. Idea for Domestic Water Application
4. Usage of TMVs
For wash hand basins, bidets, baths and showers in hospitals, schools, sport and leisure facilities, prisons and other public buildings.
5. Installation Precaution:
a.All installations should be carried out by a Licensed Professional.
b.Install in accordance with markings on valve body. i.e. hot water inlet-marked H, cold water inlet-marked C
c. After temperature setting, if inlets temperature or pressure fluctuates, outlet temperature variation is within +/-2 C.
d.The external check valves at inlets prevent cross-flow of hot&cold water when inlets pressure is not the same.
e.If the ratio between two inlets is too large, one flow-limiting valve should be fixed at the side of higher pressure.
f. Prior to installation, provisions should be made to flush the piping of any debris or other foreign materials to ensure proper system operation
6.Package size :
1.      small carton (mm) : 287*200*80 ,      1 pieces thermostatic mixing valve in one small carton .
2.      big carton (mm) : 500*310*220 ,      6 pieces thermostatic mixing valve in one big carton .
7.Trade Term :     
 1. Country of origin : Shenyang of China
2. Date of delivery : spot or production time 5-45 days .
3. Production capacity : 5000 pieces every month .
4. Port of shipment : the nearest sea port is DALIAN , the nearest air port is SHENYANG .
5. Payment term : spot goods :100%TT , customized products : 30% in advance before production , 70% balance before delivery all the goods .
6. MOQ : 100 pieces
7.      Warranty : free warranty in 3 years .

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